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Data-driven coaching program and courses to help you reach your next 1000 true fans.

The roadmap to:

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1-1 Consulatations

Get 1-1 Consultations, where we will come up with a bespoke plan to help you reach your goals. Learn to utilise your time & money efficiently in the correct places.

Insightful Courses & Workshops

Join our live workshops and access an ever growing collection of courses, videos, podcasts and downloads to help you develop in your own time. 


Network, learn and collaborate with our team, other members of the community and our studio contacts. 

You’ve recorded your hits. Now what?

“I remember paying £800 for 6 weeks of PR on a release. It got me in about 5 blogs no one read, less than 1000 streams & no return on investment at all. I didn’t even gain any fans from it. This coaching & roadmap contains £1000’s worth of information & allows for continual growth and a sustainable career.”

You don’t need to just throw money at a release, you need to invest a small amount in support, knowledge, and tools to gain real fans who will stream your music, buy your merchandise, and connect with you and your music.

Bonus: Get writing tools that will help you make more music. Songs are the assets that bring in the fans. The more you write, the more opportunities you have to reach new people!

Launch Offer


The course is an annual subscription and is intentionally designed this way. There are actionable steps that require a long-term mindset and commitment. They cannot be achieved overnight. It also allows the community to learn from each other. 

You can purchase individual courses through the course tab in the menu. 

You will be able to log in with your details and access all the content. You’ll be able to get stuck in straight away and access Aaron’s private whatsapp and discord. You can complete courses and we’ll be able to begin planning your bespoke path to success together!

You’ll be able to message Aaron straight away via whatsapp and the discord. You should complete the quick goals course first and send the document over so we can begin to plan your bespoke path, and help you achieve the goals set. 

You can join no matter where you are from, though be mindful the content is all in English and you 1-1 contact will mainly be during 9am – 5pm UK Time. (I mean you can contact anytime but I might be asleep or something.)

You should also be aware that everyone will have a unqiue metaphorical distance to travel to reach their goals and we are only looking to work with those serious about putting in the work to get there. I don’t mean you have to come to England. I just mean some people will be further into their career than others. 

If you access the 1-1s and content and are not completely satisfied, you can cancel within the first 30 days and get a refund.

After the 30 day period there are no refunds.

It would be great if you could fill out some feedback though so we can improve the service moving forward.

I will just add though, it’ll be hard to truly appreciate the impact in a short space of time because this is designed as a year long process.